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why eyes

This website was created in autumn 2004 - because I feel close to the forest where I live and want it to be appreciated by a wider audience, because people need reasons to preserve the wild land and highlighting it's beauty is a good place to start. It's a simple place to browse simple pictures... I owe a debt of gratitude to Tony Richards from Lakeland Cam for giving me the idea in the first place and to my sister Heather for insisting my photos might be of interest to other people...

Most of my favourite pictures have occurred out of nothing; when Iíve been sad and walked out onto the forest in a blur, remembering my camera as an afterthought; or set off home too tired to take any more pictures only to see something new. If somehow your emotions at the time do affect how you see the landscape and how you record it - maybe those are the times a photographer gets something deeper than decoration.

Most really good photographers talk about freezing a moment in time; if I try to do that I normally fail! I think luck is involved, getting the camera on and ready to go in the nick of time and then framing something out of instinct. Think too much and the moment is normally lost. I fail a lot of the time through trying to recreate a previous image, I often catch myself returning to the location where Iíve got a decent photo in the past and then I'm surprised not to be able to recreate it. Only then can the quest for the iconic photo actually beginÖ